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Who We Are

Our History

Founded in 2014, we manufacture and fabricate for Steel Poles and Lighting Fixtures for Outdoor Use. Throughout our history, we have always provided our customers with top quality products at the best value. While the pace of technological development is unprecedented, the keys to our success over the years haven’t changed. We constantly improve our business practices, stock the latest products, and grow our knowledgeable and passionate team of professionals.

What we do.

We have Standard Design for Steel Poles that is widely used, durable and cost efficient. We can also make pole based on clients design then we consider technical specification that are important.

If need reccomendation, please dont hesitate to call us and we can send standard design and estimates that will fit your needs.


Design with Specification for Approval and Given Timeline


Fabrication and Galvanizing Processes. Lead time differs depending on stock availability or custom design

Straight Pole Delivery

We can deliver to any part of Luzon and we can also use local logistics to ship your poles.


Lamp Post and Steel Poles Fabrication

> Tapered Poles

> Lamp Post

> Tower Poles

> Flag Poles

> Electrical Poles

> Bracket Arm Mast

> Other Cuztomized 


Lighting Unit on Poles

> LED Street Light

> Metal Halide Road Light

> Solar Integrated Street Light

> Photo Cell


> Trucking: upto 40footer Pole

> Boom Crane if Needed

Steel Pole Fabrication

Sales 1. 0935-829-0757 ;    (02) 8-861-9822 

Sales 2. 0975-389-7153;    (02) 8-788-6749;

Call / Text your: Name, Company Name.

Specification of Pole, Height and other concern for us to quote estimate your requirements. 


(02) 8- 833-5964

2F TFN Bldg. 963 Kalentong St. Mandaluyong City:

Office Hours: Opens: Mon-Fri 8.45am - 6pm

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Street Light Post Price Philippines

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